Diabetes Ulcer Foot Reconstruction

Diabetic foot is one of the dangerous complication of diabetes with ulceration of foot associated with

Symptoms & Diagnosis

15% of all diabetic patients will have during lifetime.
15 to 20% of diabetic foot ulcer will need amputation.
85% of the amputations are preceded by diabetic foot ulcers.

60 to 80% Foot ulcers will heal
10 to 15% of them will remain active
5 to 24% will finally need amputation within 2 years

Assessment of patent as per following:

Physical examination & Check Up
– Dry Skin & Nails
– Loss of hair & Muscle mass
– Deformities , cracks , Callous formation
– Change in shape of foot & Prominence of Bony Points

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1 to 0 Days
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1 to 3 Days
Office Work
7 to 8 Days
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