Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal Hernia is a condition of weakening or loosening of abdominal wall muscles of groin. 

Swelling  due to bulging & protrusion of intra abdominal contents like intestine, etc while coughing, walking or running

Around 25 to 30 % males will develop inguinal Hernia in their Lifetime
Around 3 to 4 % females will develop Inguinal hernia

Symptoms & Diagnosis

No Symptoms in Early Stages

Assessment of patient as per following

Inguinal Hernia
Inguinal Hernia -How does it look from inside ?
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3D Hernia Mesh or Net
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Hernia Operation
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Hernia Treatment



Only Definitive long term treatment is Surgery or Hernioplasty operation.

In this operation, generally a Net or Mesh is used to overlap the hernia defect which acts as scaffolding over which new tissue grows leading to strengthening of Lower Abdominal wall


Recovery Chart

1 to 0 Days
Hospital Stay
1 to 3 Days
Office Work
7 to 8 Days
10 to 0 Days


Dr Chintan Patel performed laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery for my father's recurring hernia.From day one after surgery he was able to do his personal duties freely.Doctor was friendly, caretaking and dedicated towards his duty.

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