Umbilical Hernia or Ventral Hernia

Umbilical Hernia is a condition in which Intestines & other Abdominal contents protrude and bulge out in umbilical area in form of swelling.
About 2 to 3 % of population will have umbilical hernia in Life time & More seen in Females.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Assessment of patient as per following

Umbilical Hernia
Operation for Umbilical / Ventral Hernia
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Hernia Treatment in Surat, Gujarat



Surgery is the only treatment till date for Hernia problem.

Early surgery is equal to fast recovery with Less recurrence.

If it is very small & without any Symptoms then watchful waiting as per your surgeons instructions

Recovery Chart

1 to 0 Days
Hospital Stay
1 to 3 Days
Office Work
7 to 8 Days
10 to 0 Days


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