Lipoma is a Benign tumor of fatty adipose tissue. Most are harmless & do not require any treatment. Large Lipomas often need surgical excision especially if painful or cosmetically disfiguring.

Done in Local or regional anesthesia & Large Lipomas in General Anaesthesia for painless removal.

Surgery is simple & safe with fast & Painless recovery
If many such swellings present all over the body then it is called Multiple Lipomatosis.

Sebaceous Cyst

Also Known as Keratin Cyst. Can be Painful. Needs Operation by removal of the cyst wall to prevent recurrence rates. If Infected then Incision & drainage required.

Ganglion of Wrist

It is a collection of Gel-like fluid over the dorsal aspect of the wrist causing swelling & Pain.

Most cases are non-infective & rarely due to tuberculosis.

Surgery is the removal of ganglion along with its wall for decreased recurrence rates. A biopsy is sent for confirmation.

Soft Tissue Swelling

Can be anything from simple to cancer-like swelling.

Clinical Examination & further tests like Ultrasound Sonography, etc may be needed to confirm the cause. Surgical excision can be needed.

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