Gastrointestinal surgery or GI surgery

This branch deals with management of advanced gastro diseases. 

The multidisciplinary team at Kiran Hospital gives you the niche advantage for the right approach to a particular disease & provide the best treatment.

Scope of Services


Many tools like CT scan , MRI, MRCP , PET – CT SCAN, ENDOSCOPY –  UPPER GI & COLONOSCOPY ,ERCP,  EUS , NUCLEAR SCAN , MANOMETRY &  other advanced modalities are available to diagnose this GI conditions & look for grading & severity of Disease.

This helps to pinpoint the lesion & give the right kind of treatment.

GI surgery
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Gastro Surgery
Gastrointestinal surgery or GI surgery
  1. Short Hospital stay
  2. Fast recovery
  3. Minimal pain
  4. Less chances of infection
  5. Less chance of missing other causes of pain
  1. Light diet in initial few days
  2. Quite safe in most patients
  3. Walking is advisable for early recovery
  4. Trace Biopsy report & get it checked with your surgeon


Great job, Excellent work, Artistic surgical hand, superb outcomes.... I M Dr.Rajesh k patel Dhruv clinic.

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