Perianal Abscess

It is infection or pus formation in Crypts of glands present near the anal canal resulting in Severe Pain, Fever, Sepsis.

It may lead to fistula in ano  if timely treatment not taken commonly called as Bhagandar.


Symptoms & Diagnosis

Severe pain – Constant , Throbbing
Redness & Swelling besides anus
Inability to sit

Rupture with Pus or boil

Assessment of patient as per following

Perianal Abscess
Perianal Absces Treatment
Operation or Surgery
Proctologist & Colorectal Surgeon


Transanal or as close to anal verge as possible

Fistulotomy / Fistulectomy may be needed if determined for fast recovery & avoid recurrence

Pus Culture report may be sent for accurate evaluation

There is no medical treatment of perianal abscess.

  • Antibiotics & Medicines without surgery is wrong & inadequate treatment with high chances of developing complications in Future course
Hospital Stay
0 to 0 Days
Office Work
1 to 3 Days
7 to 8 Days
10 to 0 Days

They are classified on basis of location as



60 %


20 %


5 %


4 %

Submucosal / Intermuscular

1 %

  • Fistula in Ano ( 75 – 80 % chance if only antibiotics & medicines )
  • Sepsis
  • Rupture
  • Incontinence
  • Death if severe septic shock

Warm Water Sitz bath

Do not pack wound with gauze dressing after 1st day – As it increases pain 

Laxatives & Stool Softeners

High fiber diet

Control Sugar if diabetic

Local Hygiene of wound

Urinary retention

Bleeding ( 1 – 2 % )

Fistula in ano ( 20 – 40 % )

Incontinence ( 1-5 %)

  • Results depend on timing of operation as soon as possible.
  • Patients with early diagnosis & surgery have best success rates.
  • Delay in diagnosis & Only medical or antibiotics treatment have Long hospital stay, High recurrence rates & need for repeated surgeries.
  • Depends on Experience, Skills, Knowledge & training of your surgeon for better treatment outcomes.

Clear the pus / abscess

Identify surrounding infection

Identify fistula tract if any


had one of the largest abscess with liver failure and multiple problems. Hospital team did excellent work and pulled me back from ventilator & saved my life
Patient, Nandurbar

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