Piles or Hemmorhoids

Swelling of blood vessels in Anal Canal & Lower Rectum.
Most common cause of bleeding while passing stools.
They are of 2 types 


All above factors obstructs blood flow in perianal area leading to formation of Hemmorhoids.


As far as 70 to 80 percent of population suffer from piles at any point of their life.

Can be Painless ( Internal ) or Painful ( External / Thrombosed / Gangrenous / Grade 4 ) 


Visit to Proctologist or General surgeon or Colorectal doctor.

Assessment of patient as per following

Diet in Piles
Hemmorhoids Diet
No 1 Doctor contacts
Piles Doctor in Surat
Piles Picture
Grade 4 Hemmorhoids
Proctoscopy - Anoscopy


Often hemmorhoids or Piles can be treated without operation ( Grade 1 & Grade 2 Piles )

Medicines, Stool softeners, Natural Home remedies is quite helpful in early cases.


Latest options for Best treatment of Hemmorhoids / Piles are as follows

1 to 0 Days
Hospital Stay
1 to 3 Days
Office Work
7 to 8 Days
10 to 0 Days


I always thought that piles and fissure surgery is severely painful. But after coming to Kiran Hospital and Dr Chintan B Patel, I realized that my surgery was painless and fast recovery. Best piles and fissure surgeon.

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