Know Everything about Fistula: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options in Surat

Fistula is a condition that affects many individuals in india because of eating spicy food, causing discomfort and impacting daily life. As one of the leading experts in general surgery and proctology, Dr. Chintan B Patel at Kiran Hospital, Surat, describe this condition in easy words.

What is Fistula?

Fistula is an abnormal connection or tunnel that forms between two organs or between an organ and the skin surface. In the case of anal fistulas, which are most common, the tunnel typically connects the anal canal or rectum to the skin around the anus. This connection allows for the passage of fluid or waste material, leading to discomfort, pain, and infection.

Causes of Fistula

The primary cause of anal fistulas is often an infection or abscess in the anal glands. Other common causes include inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn’s disease), trauma or injury to the anal region, and certain medical procedures. Understanding the underlying cause of the fistula is crucial for determining the most effective treatment approach.

Symptoms of Fistula

Fistulas can present with various symptoms, including:

  • Persistent anal pain or discomfort
  • Drainage of pus or blood from the anus
  • Swelling or tenderness around the anus
  • Recurrent anal abscesses
  • Pain during bowel movements

It’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional if you experience any of these symptoms to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Treatment Options

The treatment for fistula depends on several factors, including the location, severity, and underlying cause. Dr. Chintan B Patel, renowned for his expertise in general surgery and proctology, offers comprehensive treatment options for fistula patients at Kiran Hospital, Surat. These may include:

  1. Medication: Antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and infection, particularly in cases of mild fistulas.
  2. Surgery: Surgical intervention is often necessary to treat fistulas effectively. Dr. Chintan B Patel is experienced surgeon performed advanced surgical techniques, including fistulotomy, fistulectomy, and minimally invasive procedures such as LIFT (ligation of the intersphincteric fistula tract) and VAAFT (video-assisted anal fistula treatment), to address fistulae with precision and minimal discomfort for the patient.
  3. Lifestyle Modifications: Making lifestyle changes such as maintaining good anal hygiene, adopting a high-fiber diet, and avoiding constipation can help prevent recurrent fistulas and promote healing post-surgery.


Fistula is a complex condition that requires specialized care and expertise for effective management. Dr. Chintan B Patel, recognized as the best general surgeon and proctologist at Kiran Hospital, Surat, offers compassionate and comprehensive treatment for patients with fistula, ensuring optimal outcomes and improved quality of life. If you or a loved one is struggling with symptoms of fistula, don’t hesitate to seek expert medical advice and guidance.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Kiran Hospital, Surat, today or Book an Appointment.

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