It is tear or defect or formation of crack near umbilical region. This crack formation allows internal organs like intestine to protrude out in the form of umbilical swelling. This Umbilical defect formation is called umbilical or Ventral Hernia.

It is very common in females after pregnancy & in people with obesity.

Symptoms ?

Generally no symptoms in most cases.

Few may develop abdominal pain especially when it is stuck. Pain may increase on bending forward or walking & decreases on lying down in sleeping position.

Severe pain with vomiting, abdominal distension or constipation can be sign of intestinal obstruction or strangulation which is a surgical emergency

Causes ?

Common in females esp. as Pregnancy may cause stretching effect leading to weakening of abdominal muscles.

Severe Obesity

Previous surgery may also aggravate hernia formation chances in future.

Diagnosis ?

Surgeon may check this and notice this by examination.

When in doubt , sonography or ultrasound may help to know this better for size and contents of hernia. It may also help to identify any other cause of abdominal pain.

Treatment ?

Very small & asymptomatic hernia can be left alone by watchful observation.

Big hernia are susceptible for complications and recurrence. Hence they are best to repaired Laparoscopically or Open Hernioplasty.

There are no natural home remedies , ayurvedic, homeopathic or allopathic medicinal treatment for Hernia. Even yoga or exercises are not much helpful once hernia has already formed.

Laparoscopic IPOM plus & E TEP RS are two options by Laparoscopic technique.

Rives stoppa or Onlay are open Surgery options.


Minimal pain
Reduced hospital stay
Fast recovery
Less infection

Care after Surgery ?

Recovery is quite simple and fast in most cases.

Diet is started gradually. Constipation is best avoided with help of medicines like stool softeners.

Walking is resumed on same day of surgery.

High intensity exercise, Gym and Heavy Weight Lifting more than 10 kg is prohibited for 3 to 6 months post hernia operation.

Sex Life and relationship can be resumed within 7 to 20 days of surgery.

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