Hernia is a very common condition due to weakening of abdominal wall through which internal organs may protrude out in form of bulge or swelling.

Inguinal and Umbilical are some common types of Hernia. 20 to 30 percent males will develop inguinal hernia once in a lifetime

There can be many reasons like Obesity, Previous Surgery, Since Birth or Increasing Age.

The gold standard treatment for any hernia is surgery in which defect or hole is repaired and then mesh or hernia net is placed for extra strength.

Many people will eventually require surgery and they often like to know about recovery time frame after hernia surgery.

We will discuss some common points related to Recovery after Hernia Operation.


Most curious question when it comes to any surgery. Although during surgery , there is no pain because of anaesthesia.

After surgery , pain is quite bearable & minimal due to medicines and injections given on day of surgery.

Pain may be less in Laparoscopic Hernia surgery as compared to Open Hernia Surgery.

As you resume walking and routine activities, pain will decrease exponentially. It helps to decrease stiffness and thereby reduces your muscular pain.

Soft Hernia mesh also helps in reduction of pain after inguinal hernia surgery.


If Hernia size is small then your surgeon may discharge within 24 hours or single day.

Large hernias may be monitored and discharged next day.

Experienced Hernia Surgeons may have a enhanced recovery protocol for faster recovery.


Although we do not advise strict bed rest, strenous activities can be avoided for 1st week.

You can easily take small walks or climb some stairs. This will help improve your circulation and prevents deep venous thrombosis or clotting of blood.


Most people are very much comfortable by 3rd to 5th day. Once your pain decreases , then you can resume office.

Light work like can be resumed in 1st week to 2nd week.

Driving 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers can be undertaken once you are quite comfortable with day to day activities by 1st to 3rd week.

5. SEX

Less commonly discussed, but quite a topic in everyone’s mind in Herniya operation.

Sex can be resumed in 2nd to 4th week as pain has almost dropped down. Make sure to be slow and gentle. If you feel pain then let your partner know about it.

Foreplay can help you avoid jerks to begin with and then gradually you can go ahead with proper sexual intercourse once you know that you are ready for it.

Child bearing capacity, Sperm Production is generally not affected unless there is injury to vas deferens or testicular artery which is very rare.

Some people may complain of decreased sexual drive due to pain or anxiety which may be relieved with proper evaluation and treatment.

Slow walk and routine walks immediately after surgery.


Brisk walking is allowed in 2nd to 3rd week. Now your confidence and enthusiasm may have increased as you start overcoming all fears related to hernia recovery

Heavy weight lifting , deadlift, benchpress are all high intensity gym exercises which is avoided for first 3 to 4 months. Otherwise it may be cause for hernia to come back again and reason for recurrence after operation.

Jogging and high intensity exercises can be gradually started from 4th month onwards.

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